Reverb: Totem.


What word did you select to be your traveling companion in 2013? What gifts did this word bring?

What word will you choose to guide you through 2014? What do you hope it will bring into your life?


The end of 2013 marks a year and a half of having been moved back to the Black Hills.

It was really a move I never thought I’d make.

After Vermillion, I said “The next place I go will be as far away from here as possible.”

I have marked a lot of my time here, in South Dakota, with sorrow and frustration.

There have been amazing things too.

Lying in fields and counting stars until the sun came up.

Walking across stages, unafraid and totally confident in what I was doing.

Pushing through hard pregnancies to watch babies I had dreamed about being laid in my arms.

Marrying my husband under a huge oak tree while the breeze whirred leaves and cotton around us.
There have been bad things.
Panic attacks where I marked the days by peeking out from behind the blinds and cutting my mind to bits with terrible words.

Terrible fights where everyone went to bed silent and cold.

Sickness that put life into sharp context.

Children not understanding different as being a common denominator that nobody understands.

So our move out to the Hills was about Rebirth.

Changing things that went wrong and moving towards the light.

Sailing our ships through storms.

Growing out of our cocoons.

Letting change not be scary but natural.

For 2014, I think we need to continue to be unafraid of change.

Fiercely committed to building our futures.

I choose not sustaining.

Because I am not content just yet.

I choose Passionate.

Because 100% never gets you anywhere.

It may be exhausting but 250% does.

Everyone else ‘gives it their all’.

You have to be prepared to give so much more.

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Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose

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