Poetry Month: Selections from Nolan

Odin is Nolan's muse.
Odin is Nolan’s muse.

April is, or rather was, National Poetry Month. Nolan, our resident poet, has been diligently writing every day since January as part of his New Year’s resolution. He has some poems from this month he finds acceptable to share. Enjoy!

Big Bang Concerto

Heaven is made of atoms, too,
tiny strings strung, humming stars
vibrating over black holes,
the bang of formation
a screaming trombone glissando
falling flat on the manifold
backs of humanity, a turtle’s burden,
humped homeward toward the north,
the missing center,
magnets and microwaves
distributing souls innumerable
down twisted cords swollen with hope
where blood runs bass rumble deep,
disengaged at the last,
dissolving harmonics radiating faceless,
familiar tangles across the infinite.

*   *   *

Differences in Lighting

The orange dome of the city
is a prison of polluted light,
a plague on all hours, all houses,
blinding through eyelids
down the main drag, endless
billboards, spotlights, mobiles –
blinking neon, endless,
where the light fluoresces
together it isn’t white, the filth
of millions silently standing
corners, illuminated
in the half lux of half lives,
but if eyes ever saw
stars beyond city limits
streetlights would be cut down,
the first to burn in the funeral pyre,
the last flash in the pan
before hazarding mapless
into a blanket of constellations.

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