Numbers on a Page.

About a week ago, I celebrated an anniversary.

Quietly. Not much ado. No big bangs going off.


There’s been a lot of upheaval in our lives and there has also been a lot of negativity, especially about this subject.

But it’s now been a little over a year that I have been cancer-free and it is pretty awesome.

What isn’t awesome is the fight about health care, quality of life, and the belief in whether people have rights to those things in this country.

I remember this though.  A kind friend at my nail salon back in Vermillion wanted me to have the best.nails.ever before my surgery, so she blinged them out hard core two weeks prior in case we had to take them off (we didn’t because I left my toes unpainted).

After my surgery, my beautiful bestie drove across town from work, sacrificing her lunch break so she could get my husband lunch and me a Sprite.


My inlaws, who think less than fondly of me, watched our kids for two weeks.  My husband set all sorts of alarms to keep himself on a schedule to keep my pills coming to me.

My Aunt and my Mom, both in the Southwest, made sure we had things like a house cleaner, a nanny, the cars serviced, and a daily dose of emails.  Our house cleaner was from Romania and made me bone broths and scrubbed our house from the roof to below the carpet.

My babies came in and laid next to me, quietly and kindly, to watch movies and nap.

Our insurance dropped me because of the insane expense that cancer really is.

My friends and loved ones rallied to raise enough money so that I could keep up with weekly doctor appointments, medications, chemo, etc.

We moved.  I grew stronger and older.  I took on things like my kids’ soccer teams because I wanted to show them how you fight an illness.

You fight something by not accepting that it is superior to you.

We have grown and struggled a lot as a family.  We have had a lot of heart breaks and set backs.

But. I won’t ever regret having had cancer. I won’t regret talking about it.  I am sad there have been people in my life who couldn’t be supportive but I forgive that.

I am not walking their road.

I am so grateful to the people who have remained by my side as I work each day to grow stronger and better.  I love all the laughter, the cards, the letters, little gifts, emails, and surprises that have come my way to show how much you care.

Thank you for being there.  I won’t name people but thank you to everyone who has took up my banner and championed me over these last 2 1/2 years.

I am stepping back into an old familiar role but with new scars that have made me a better person, I hope.

I am blessed because of this.

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose

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  1. So proud of you that you have come thru this and are moving on. Love you you know and always will. Be strong my darling

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