It is on Purpose….


Have you ever kept quiet?

Not in the ‘Keep your mouth shut!’ way but in the, there is so much I can say….my mind is never quiet….

So I choose to be quiet until I reach ‘IT’?

That’s where I am.

Not avoiding writing, because I do it everyday.

But in the place where I am weighing words very carefully.

I miss the sound of my fingers flitting across the keyboard, yes.

But, I also read right now.

I do yoga in both the morning and the evening with Eva.

I let myself take naps.

I let my mouth stay shut when I could be talking.

I have found that it lets me laugh more.

I see where to place my intentions more clearly.

Words do what they did before, they form completely in my head and I know what I want to say.

Perhaps, it is age, but I am young.

Perhaps it is the idea that mindfulness is a sort of freedom that is not bought.

I have such amazing things in store as I write!

But I wait to let the world see them because right now…..

I chose to let myself be in the world I have so carefully observed from the window for so long.

It’s not always comfortable. It is new.

But is has allowed me quiet.

I needed that.

Words to be had soon, friends.

Glitter and sparkles,

Sara Rose

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