Light Bulb.

The hectic pace of our lives can make it difficult to remain connected to the things and the people that matter the most to us. We get wrapped up in our work or our busyness and connection falls by the wayside. 
How have you created and/or sustained connections in your life this year?

I think this applies best.
I think this applies best.

I don’t necessarily like to admit that my introverted nature makes it easy for me to to not make effort.

I love the people in my life- I am finally to that place where the majority of people in my life…they are people that I welcome their voices, their thoughts, opinions, and chit chat.

I have cut out the majority of people that were only in my life to be emotional vampires and I feel like we are all incredibly symbiotic.

People in my life are like light bulbs and I hope that I am that to them too.

But, I prefer the scratch of my pen across paper, the clicking of my computer keys, and to tap out a text almost 90% of the time.

I measure my words now, I used to spill them as though I did not find them to be precious.

That has changed. So my interaction has limited dramatically.

I spend my time with my kiddos and occasionally answer the phone or go to coffee or lunch.

It makes the conversations sweeter, my words measured, and everything more valuable because I drink it all in more.

I do need to get back out there more- it is a goal of mine for 2015.

I have let the shutters close in around me quite a bit this year as I deal with things.

But I don’t mind, I like the quiet and solitude…funny because I always use to need loud, and people, and things to occupy me.

Not so much anymore, perhaps that’s the whole growing up thing.

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose


Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2014, self-portrait or otherwise!

Sigh. All of the hair.
Sigh. All of the hair.
Halloween - 'Witchy Woman'
Halloween – ‘Witchy Woman’
No make up because bedtime.
No make up because bedtime.

From my pictures we know 3 things: 1. Mascara. 2. Soft is good. 3. Kick ass is better.

Sparkles and Glitter,

Sara Rose

Killing You Softly.

Despite our usually sunny dispositions and dedication to the practice of “assuming positive intent,” we all occasionally find ourselves having to deal with an incredibly unpleasant individual.

While I’m sure you always handle it with the tact and finesse for which you’ve become so well known, I’m going to ask you to step outside yourself for just a moment.

Think back to such a situation: if the gloves were off, how you really would have liked to have dealt with them?

Bitchy Pants.
Bitchy Pants.

Oh well. First of all.

I don’t think that these situations are that rare for me. I lack this genetic mutation called tact.

I am, however, rather mincing and I think that your brain is a very good way to piss people off.

Especially if they don’t play nice.

I have this voice called my ‘Friendly Neighborhood Sociopath Voice’.

It works well to ‘get things done’ and ‘get stupid gone’.

I don’t have a short fuse but I don’t tolerate nonsense.

I have had to learn this rather early in life but it serves well.

Emotional vampires serve no purpose or ends.

Also, I am not here to be popular, I would rather be respected.

Soooo, if I have to wear my bitchy pants- at least they fit like a glove.

Thank you for the prompt, Brad!!!

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose

Earl Grey.

Another day, and here I am still trudging at this.

I’m sorry. I am in such a funk.

Let me sip at tea and write this.

Lavender earl grey in a pink cup.

Today’s Prompt: what is the sound of your own voice?

This will be simple to answer.

Held to myself because it is lonely and sad.

I can’t keep explaining because either a person doesn’t get it or they don’t want to.

So. I choose silence.

It’s easier.

To think I used to sing, all the time.

The idea makes me want to vomit now.

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14


Sparkles and Glitter,

Sara Rose

Electric Slide.

We are all lightning rods, conduits for that which the Universe wants born into this world. What energies did you channel this year?

"The only people for me are the mad ones. The ones who are mad to talk, and to live, who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like a fabulous yellow Roman candle exploding like a spider across the sky" -Jack Kerouac
“The only people for me are the mad ones. The ones who are mad to talk, and to live, who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like a fabulous yellow Roman candle exploding like a spider across the sky” -Jack Kerouac

(Thanks Rainbow!!!!)

Behind again, but I really struggled with this! I wanted to get this right and I *think* I’ve got what I wanted to say down.

We spent the last two years in recovery.

We spent this year realizing that life is still too messy, sticky, complicated for it’s own good.

Being wild creatures, each of us sat in our corners hemming and hawing over how things could change and be better.

Being that we are each too bright for one anothers’ eyes at times, we have all had to temper those flames and learn how to be amongst one another again.

2015 will be about potential energy that we have found this year.

Nobody can afford for things to be things to spiral anymore.

Everyone is a point of wild, potential, burning energy.

Burning out this young is tragic.

I moved us here to make our lives better and that will happen.

My energy wasn’t channeled properly this year.

But it will be.

‘This isn’t everything you are.’

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14

Sparkles and Glitter,

Sara Rose

Everything is Beautiful.

It’s all too easy to put off loving where we are until everything is perfect. What can you love about where you are now?

happySo this is a popular picture on Facebook and Pinterest but I keep it in a journal that I’ve had for a while.

The quote, note necessarily the picture.

Which is funny because I just wrote about the picture of Home…my home and how I have stressed out over all the perfection it ‘should have’.

Perfection is not love and it is not a home.

What we create is sticky, messy, warm, and hopefully keeps everyone in it knowing that ‘home’ is supposed to be beautiful and imperfect.

It is your landing ground from life. Which already demands so much from us.

I want to be happy and comfortable, but I don’t need to be perfect.

I think it would be the best thing ever if I could give that to my family too.

We can savour all that we create together, every day!

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose


I am a day behind on Reverb14 magic, I do so apologize.

Yesterday’s prompt was:
What unfinished projects from 2014 am you willing to release now? (Regret not required.)




I always have ‘projects’.

I put many on hold and I alternate things throughout the year.

Nolan calls me the ultimate multitask master….but in reality, I just alternate things really often.

I am always consumed with fire to create, improve, build, grow.

However, one area of my life that was a massive amoeba of frustration was my home.

Do not get me wrong.

I am so very lucky to have this roof over my head and am learning to celebrate that instead of complain about allthethingsallthetime.

But when we moved here, we had all these grand plans! Fix all the things! Remodel things! All new gardens!

All of the things would be shiny and lovely and it was really out of our reach.

What we needed to do is what we are really good at.

Taking where ever we are at, even if it is the genteel equivalent of a card board box, and make it a HOME.

It doesn’t matter where we have ever been. We tidy the yard. We eliminate the clutter.

We make each room very homey and set an intention for them all.

The view from our Black Hills Home.
The view from our Black Hills Home.

Our friends love coming over for coffee, dinner parties, or just a few minutes of chat.

But we have allowed this house to overwhelm us. We allowed our goals for the house to be unreachable.

So what will I give up? A ridiculous notion that I will be turning this into a house that my mum and I can ‘flip’.

Instead, 2015 will be dedicated to turning this house into one where each room is completely set to put us at ease: no clutter, no garbage, warm, welcoming, homey, and wonderful.

They way I always want my homes to be. I have never wanted a huge house that I have to fill with trinkets and empty gestures.

Christmas last year.
Christmas last year.

I want a home that is just right, a little off kilter, and full of love.

That is this house. Lovely and imperfect and ready to be filled with all that we are.

That’s my house.

Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose



Not Elusive.

I know with certainty, that ‘One can find happiness in the darkest of places, if one remembers to turn on the light.’

Night Light from Qing Han on Vimeo.

Life has not been easy. What would be easy would be to close the shutters.

I have never taken the easy path. That is for certain.

I enjoy the Night Light because it shows doing things that others may not think of as important.

Which leads to my Absolute Certainty-

‘I may not be able to change the world, but I will try to change my corner of it for the better.’

All of my love today goes to my sissie-poo/soul sister/other half of this bubble- Sarah because it is her birthday!


Join us this December as we #reverb14
Join us this December as we #reverb14


Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose

Grasping Straws.

Would you look?

It’s the end of the month.

Tomorrow I start Reverb ’14 and start coming to terms with the end of this year.

It has had it’s ups and downs. In fact, I will spend a month hashing that out.

For now, a bit of poetry that sums up this November feeling….sort of. Some from Nolan and from me.

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

–JRR Tolkein ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ (Chapter 10, Strider)


The world turns softly
not to spill its lakes and rivers.
The water is held in its arms
and the sky is held in the water.
What is water,
that pours silver,
and can hold the sky?
–Hilda Conkling
I’ll be back for Reverb, darlings.
See you soon.
Glitter and sparkles,
Sara Rose

Living Grace.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

Gratitude is the most important belief that I hold dear. It is the key to living a life of grace.

It makes what can seem to be bad or impossible situations into ones you can walk through with you head held high.

It is something you can breath, the realness of grace is tangible. When you feel slightly lost and close your eyes, a slip of white will appear.

Let your mind reach for it so you can bring it in. Why?

You need no denomination to feel grace or love for this universe because it is everywhere.

It is gratitude, humility, and stepping back.

It has taken me so many years to learn it and I will spend my whole life on it.

I am proud to have grace at the core of my heart, it has helped me walk through terrible things.

I think it has let me be a better mother, wife, and human. I hope it has helped me to learn to make wiser choices.

But mostly, I am so grateful for this little life I have!

I have beautiful friends. I have a spectacular family.

Our health is improving and we live in a beautiful place, with a roof over our head.

I prefer that our life has become simple because I have focused so much more.

I am grateful for the hard and bitter because it makes the the sweet almost too wonderful.

I am grateful for grace and for thanks.

How appropriate that the floral symbol for a grace and gratitude is a bouquet of dark pink roses.

dpinkroses“Life is grace. Sleep is forgiveness. The night absolves. Darkness wipes the slate clean, not spotless to be sure, but clean enough for another day’s chalking.”
Frederick Buechner, The Alphabet of Grace


Happy Thanksgiving.

Glitter and Sparkles,

Sara Rose